I have many years of experience in publication art and design — with an extensive background in computer design and graphics. My resume includes everything from daily newspapers to major network Web design. My print experience began at The Dallas Times Herald in 1985, one of the first newspapers to introduce Macintosh computers to the newsroom. At the Times Herald, and later at The San Francisco Examiner and Seattle Post-Intelligencer, I designed pages, illustrated stories, created informational graphics, maps and charts, and art-directed special sections. All three papers were regularly lauded for their cutting-edge designs and graphics. The breakneck pace and daily deadlines prepared me for virtually any design and work environment.

I was a Senior Graphics Editor and designer for msnbc.com. In an even more demanding deadline environment, I created online illustrations, design, graphics, video show-fronts and branding identification. My responsibilities included project planning, conceptualization, wire-framing and page-construction in CSS and HTML.

Along the way, I have been an early-adopter of new technology and have developed a broad skill set. I work quickly and efficiently, thinking creatively while producing quality work under deadline pressure. I am extremely adept at Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I also have experience with PowerPoint, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver and WordPress.

I am currently a graphic designer for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, focusing on print collateral for special events, such as Hutch Holiday Gala and Premier Chefs Dinner. Also create illustrations for our original stories. During our brand redesign, was tasked with updating environmental, exterior graphics and vehicles. Our graphics department is a small but powerful, award winning team, committed to our Fred Hutch motto “Cures Start Here” and having fun.

FUN FACTS: I have been blogging since 2004. I twitter and I don’t accept virtual gifts on Facebook. I take lots of photos, especially silly self-portraits and flowers, self-published my book ‘in a vase“, a quiet reflection of a flower or seed pod and a simple vase. My illustration portfolio is online and have a couple of fun photoshop tutorials. I am creating some fun fonts. I also am a very happy pinner on Pinterest and post many photos of my grand daughter in Instagram.