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‘in a vase’

This is a quiet book I imagined while loving my garden with a camera.

Delightfully diverted capturing images of flowers, fell in love with hydrangeas when her 80-year-old neighbor gave them to her when her son was born. My husband and I now have 15 of them in their backyard and are trying to figure out where to plant more. I also became obsessed with peonies after accidentally digging up a tuber, replanting it and swooning six months later over the resulting blossoms. I capture the beauty of flowers that are blooming or have gone to seed in bottles, old jars and vases she finds at thrift stores.

“A new batch of flower photographs is a gift. I’m never sure what I have captured, what little thing has gone right or wrong. Through this hobby, I make time to take a closer look at the delicate and miraculous life of flowers — from the promise of tiny buds to the brittle beauty of their skeletal remains. I’ve learned to look for the little miracles that take place in my own backyard and which often go unnoticed while we rush through life.”

I also made a 2011 calendar